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I am a documentary and food photographer. I work with my clients to ensure that their experience of being photographed or ther products being photographed is right for them.

Documentary photography.
I make documentaries on topics that affect me. I elaborate events, feelings or current events in a short series of photos or a long series for a book.

This can also be done on order for you, on location, relocation or in the studio. With and without people as the subject.
I ensure that studio sessions are laid back and informal because the best photographs of you will be when you’re looking relaxed, not when you’re sitting at a silly angle with a posed smile on your face. I translate your story into images with impact.

Food and styling photography.
In my studio's I cook, style, make new recipes, make my own dishes and cups from ceramic and photograph food and beverage with great care. I create quality images for food and beverage clients in advertising, websites,packaging and social media. I also create cookbooks.

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